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Napoved za petek, 23.02.2018

Danes bo oblačno. Občasno bo snežilo, ob morju in na Goriškem večinoma rahlo deževalo. Pihal bo severovzhodnik, na Primorskem zmerna do močna burja. Veter bo gradil snežne zamete. Najvišje dnevne temperature bodo okoli 0, na Goriškem in ob morju okoli 6 °C.
-1°C | 2°C
sobota, 24.02.2018
0°C | 0°C
nedelja, 25.02.2018
-5°C | -4°C
ponedeljek, 26.02.2018
-10°C | -5°C
torek, 27.02.2018
-7°C | -4°C
Petek, 23.2.2018 ob 6h
Najmočnejši sunki burje na Primorskem bodo ponekod presegali hitrost 100 km na uro.
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Speed Dating International age 20-30 in Ljubljana ...

Družabni dogodki
26.04.2013 ob 20:00

Speed Dating International age 20-30 in Ljubljana (Dogodki za Samske)

Kje: Twenty Caffe, Kristalna palača, BTC City, Šmartinska cesta 152, 1000 Ljubljana
Kdaj: 26.04.2013 ob 20:00

Dogodki za Samske

Cena vstopnice: 30 €
Prodajna mesta: The event is paid in cash at the event itself, usually before it.
Opomba: The Price for foreign students is only 25 €.
Povezava: http://www.dogodkizasamske.si/o-dogodkih/speed-dating-international.html

for expats and Slovenians
(expats = foreigners living, studying and working in Slovenia)

Perfect way to meet people from Slovenia and all over the world!
If you would like to spread your network and meet single Slovenians and foreign single people that live in Slovenia, don't hesitate and apply for INTERNATIONAL SPEED DATING now.

While meeting interesting people you will spend a beautiful evening with an elegant finger food and wine on the top of the highest building in Ljubljana.
The event is ran in English. All nations invited.

INTERNATIONAL SPEED DATING is fast, fun and ideal way of meeting single people from Slovenia and foreign single people that live in Slovenia in person. It's known all over the world.
Through the 7-minute conversation with each participant you will be able to acquire contacts of people with mutual sympathies.
After the talking part with each participant, you will mingle together, enjoying delicous finger food and tasty wine.

>>Expats and Slovenes participating<<

TIP: If you have few years more or less, you are still welcome to join our event and meet foreign people that study, live or/and work in Slovenia.

Location of Speed Datings is on the top of the heighest building in Ljubljana – Kristalna palača (Crystal Palace) in Twenty Caffe (in 20th floor) in BTC. Free parking is available.
A map to Crystal Palace is available HERE.
The easiest way to get to Cafe Twenty is through the reception on the ground floor.
The entrance to the reception of Crystal Palace is opposite to Hala A in BTC. Before the lift at the reception, type the number 20 (which means you will be taken to the 20th floor) and few seconds later you will find yourself above Ljubljana in the beautiful scenery for a perfect meet up and adventure.

SPEED DATING - How does it work?
All the participants gather and get to know each other enjoying their welcome drink, where they can break the ice and chat before the official start of Speed Dating. Then the organizer explains how the event will continue.
Every woman sits at her table, men are changing the tables. Every 7 minutes the organizer rings the bell and men will swap places and seat at the next table.
On every table there are:
- 2 papers - one for each participant
- 2 pens
- paper with different themes to talk about

When the event is over, the participants give papers with notes to the organizer, who shares contacts of mutual interests to participants.
The event closes with tasting of different finger food with all the participants.

Two days after, the event organizer informs all participants via e-mail, whether the person has found any positive mutual interests with other participants or not. If they did, the organizer sends to all the matching notes e-mail adresses of people with mutual interests. If matches between participants are not found, organizer also informes non matches via e-mail. When the contacts are exchanged, it is finally time to start dating longer. :-)
(The organization of later dating between couples is a matter of matching participants and not events for singles, except for Dogodki za Samske's organized events.)

The event is paid in cash at the event itself, usually before it.
The Price of the event Speed Dating is 30 €.
The Price for foreign students is only 25 €.

In order to ensure an equal number of women and men every person needs to sign up for at least 7 days before the event. Because we want to organize the most pleasant experience for all registered single people, please apply to the event only in case you are sure that you will definitely attend the event. Thank you for understanding.

Lokacija: Twenty Caffe, Kristalna palača, BTC City

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