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Napoved za sreda, 26.09.2018

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Zvečer se bodo oblaki posušili in ponoči bo pretežno jasno. Na Primorskem bo pihala večinoma šibka burja. Najnižje jutranje temperature bodo od -3 do 2, ob morju in v krajih z burjo na Primorskem od 4 do 11°C.
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KKM present: Savanah, Jegulja, Black Reaper

21.10.2017 ob 22:00 - 22.10.2017 do 4:00

KKM present: Savanah, Jegulja, Black Reaper

Kje: Klub kanalske mladine, Gradnikova ulica 25, 5213 Kanal
Kdaj: 21.10.2017 ob 22:00 - 22.10.2017 do 4:00

Klub kanalske mladine

Cena vstopnice: 5 €

V Klub Kanalske Mladine prihaja Avstrijska glasbena zasedba Savanah!!!
Savanah is an austrian Stoner Rock Trio from Graz, formed in 2014. In february 2015 the first song oftheir debut EP „Deep Shades” was released and gained airplay on radiostations FM4, 3NRG and others. In June the same year was the release of the EP which got alot of positive feedback frombloggers, journalists and the whole scene. “Deep Shades” was found in many album hitlists at the end of 2015. On May 11th they released their first full length album “The Healer” again via StoneFree Records and since then alreadygained 150.000 clicks on YouTube. Songs from this record again gained airplay on FM4 including aninterview with the band and on several other radiostations around the globe. The band takesinfluences from Doom, Desert and Psychedelic Rock to create their unique sound, once described asaggressive Stoner with a defeaning bass and powerful riffs. Energetic Live-Performances are part ofthe bands character and attitude. They already played quite a number of concerts including supports for bands like Pentagram, John Garcia, ColourHaze, Truckfighters, Rotor, Jex Thoth, Karma to Burn, Black Cobra, Seven That Spells, Black Rainbows, Acid King and were also part of the 2016 Line-up at theLake on Fire Festival as well as the Stick & Stone Festival

Jegulja was formed in 2013 when Jure Gašper (also guitarist for the band called Uroš) and Rok Večerin Wuko (ex-drummer for the bands Dawn Patrol and Lene Kosti) invited Jan Kozel (ex-guitarist for the band Carnaval) to a jam. After a few months the band received an invitation to play their first concert. Getting ready for their debut appearance Jegulja prepared a draft set of songs. Later in October 2014 five tracks from the set appeared on their demo recording Finesse & Mud.

Jegulja had a few months hiatus lasting from the summer of 2014 until the early January 2015 when Domen Urh joined the band, replacing their former drummer.

And than again in 2017 short after releasing the first album, we parted our ways with Domen and the sit was shortly taken by Jan Prosen, man used to play guitar in other bands for ages, but decided it's time this band has three guitarists on board.... taking the sit behind Jegulja artillery kit...and as they say, third is a charm...on we swim, swim along...

Black Reaper is a thrash metal band from Slovenia, influenced by bands such as Kreator, Sodom, Slayer and Testament. In 2017 they released their first studio album

Black Reaper
Vstopnina: 5€
Začetek: 22.00

Lokacija: Klub kanalske mladine

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